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Chatters Restaurant

The Chatters Restaurant is known for its delicious meals and selection of local and South African wines. Cresta Lodge is the ideal environment where you can mix business and pleasure in perfect harmony.

Cresta Hotels has decided to ensure the ingredients and traditions of Zimbabwean cuisine feature in the food and beverage offerings of the group’s five hotels in the country, balancing the demand for international cuisine with an innovative and exciting choice of local food.

Group Executive Chef, Brian Ndlovu has been tasked with ensuring all Cresta hotel buffets feature traditional sections, in which the unusual and sometimes unique ingredients that are popular with various cultures in Zimbabwe are featured.

A standard buffet will therefore always feature use of sweet potatoes, Mopani worms (known as madhora), groundnuts, pumpkins and mealies (the colloquial name for corn), as well as other items, depending on seasonal availability. Staff will be on hand to assist in explaining the food to visitors and in helping them make choices that will tempt and satisfy their tastebuds.

Zimbabwe has a rich cultural heritage and this is something visitors to the country can find out more about, as do many Zimbabweans who enjoy the chance of sampling local food and a selection of western dishes and items from our buffet.


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